About the conference

The 3rd edition of International Conference on Advances in Medical Science (ICAMS) returns after a span of 2 years. The inaugural edition was successfully conducted in 2013. The 3rd edition of ICAMS strives to bring together academicians, researchers and industry players of various medical disciplines to highlight their research at international level. A wide range of disciplines are covered in ICAMS. This 3-day conference has workshops, plenary sessions, symposiums, oral and poster presentations besides gala dinner and entertainment programme.


Participants may submit any abstract which covers any of the following areas:

Natural products
Complementary & alternative Medicine
Bone Metabolism & osteoporosis
Cardiovascular health
Stress enzyme and hormones
Infectious diseases
Genomics and proteomics
Pharmacology and toxicology
Clinical medicine
Metabolic disorders
Sports Medicine
Allied Health Sciences
Any other medical discipline

Abstracts will be published in ‘Research Updates In Medical Sciences’ journal. E-ISSN:2289-2141. Efforts are also being made to have full length papers published in renowned international journals. Details may be available later.