Dr. Wael Mohamed Yousef Mohamed

Dr. Wael Mohamed Yousef Mohamed is a Clinical Pharmacologist, Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist. He dedicated his career to neurological research and medical teaching. His research focus is to advance the knowledge and understanding the neurological diseases through unconventional thinking. Therefore, his basic and translational research targets the investigation and development of novel treatment for such resistant diseases. He is leading a research team in Egypt for translational brain research with focusing on neurodegenerative disorders animal models as well as clinical trials. Dr. Mohamed got his PhD from PSU, USA and is currently working as an assistant professor in IIUM Medical School, Malaysia. Dr. Mohamed has been invited to deliver more than 100 lectures locally and abroad. He published over 32 peer-reviewed papers related to Neuroscience/Psychiatry with an h-index of 6. Moreover, he is editor in Frontier in Neurology, PLOSone and other Journals.