Dr.Srijit Das


Dr.Srijit Das is an anatomist with MBBS and MS degree. He is working as a Professor of Anatomy in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre. He has more than 21 years of teaching experience in medical stream. His research area includes natural products, antioxidants, atherosclerosis, diabetes, clinical anatomy and morphology. He has studied in detail the oxidative damage to various organs in experimental animals and reversal of the organ damage by using potential herbal extracts and has delivered various keynote and plenary lectures at national and international level. To date, he has more than 425 indexed publications with a citation ‘H index’ of 19 in Scival experts. He is the publication coordinator for research in his institution. He is involved in several journals as editor-in-chief/section editor/associate editor/guest editor. He is also editorial board member for few journals. He won the ‘International Young Scientist Award’ given by Pierre Fabre laboratory and Phytochemical Society of Europe in 2017 at Lille, France. He has won the best researcher and best lecturer award at the faculty and university level and his research work also various received awards at national and international expo held in Brussels (Belgium). Prof.Das is also a visiting professor to various overseas institutions.